About Us


Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission And Vision

Mission: Youth empowering youth to make informed choices about substance use.

Vision: Overcoming the stigma that prevents America from tackling this health crisis head-on.


Our History

Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission And Vision

After a series of overdoses in New York City, a group of teens and young adults came together to share their stories and let others know they are not alone. These courageous “kids” help educate others about the risks of substance use, encouraging them to make informed choices. Generation S.O.S. now has multiple chapters in NYC,  Miami, and Los Angeles  and will soon launch in other cities across the county. 


Our Team

Our Mission And Vision

Our Team

Generation S.O.S. is made up of teens and young adults, and a core support team who have witnessed how substance misuse is destroying a generation of youth. Our goal is to empower a movement of youth who will support each other to navigate and facilitate solutions for this epidemic and to ultimately transform how America views and responds to this health crisis.




Generation S.O.S. Zoom Meeting

5pm - 6:30pm


Generation S.O.S. Zoom Meeting

Please join our safe, friendly online community to hear stories of hope and to learn how others are coping during these extraordinarily chal...

5pm - 6:30pm

Empowering Youth

For Youth, By Youth

Generation S.O.S. is unique in that it serves, and is led by, teens and young adults. This is not a coincidence: Addiction is an adolescent onset illness that is best confronted through early prevention efforts. 

A highly diverse Youth Advisory Board, with representation from across the country, works closely with the Core Support Team to help fulfill the organization’s mission.  

Members of our Youth Advisory Board are involved in an extraordinary range of projects, including leading in-school education programs, producing community events, creating social media content...and building this website.


Jason Mack - Chair

Aaron Seibert

Addie Ezersky

Ainsley Topping (Miami)

Alexis Geller

Alex Corb

Andie Aviv (LA)

Andrew Dong

Ashley Cooper

Audrey Flamming

Bailey Topping (Miami)

Blake Aviv

Brice Eber-Morris

David Levine

Drew Peterson

Dylan Lynch

Dylan Sacks (LA)

Felipe Perez (Miami)

Isa Barrett

James Kreisler

James Levinson

Jameson Cohen

Jason Nash

Jordyn Sandler

Lily Kaplan

Luke Kornblatt

Nikki Aviv

Oliver Lewis

Sara Moskowitz

Savannah Sartini

Skylar Licht

Sydney Kang

Tina Shen

Vale Cedeno (Miami)


Building the Movement

Tyler's Video

All the teens and young adults involved with Generation S.O.S. are driven by the same desire: to share their stories of the challenges of substance use and how they confronted — or continue to confront — those challenges.  Here is one such story.

Recent Events

03/21, 3/28, 4/4 & 4/18 2020

Nationwide Generation S.O.S. Zoom Meeting


03/21, 3/28, 4/4 & 4/18 2020

Nationwide Generation S.O.S. Zoom Meeting

The Coronavirus is creating unprecedented challenges for all of us. in addition to the very real health threat that is present, social dista...



Shoot for Awareness

Hayground School Bridgehampton, NY


Shoot for Awareness

On a beautiful day in mid-August, we held our 4th annual summer event.  It was an incredibly fun  afternoon featuring a basketball free thro...

Hayground School Bridgehampton, NY

America’s Addiction And Overdose Crisis

Drugs are ravaging America and stealing a generation of our youth.  Indeed, an entire generation is in need of help with substance use, the overdose crisis and addiction. A movement of young adults is coming together to navigate and facilitate solutions for this epidemic.

The only way to truly turn the tide on this crisis is through greater awareness and more effective prevention efforts. There is nothing more powerful than young adults coming together to share their stories and let others know they are not unique and they are not alone — but also to educate them about the risks of substance use, encourage them to make informed choices, and urge them to get help if they are struggling.

Our goal is to empower a movement of youth who will support each other and transform how America views and responds to this health crisis.

Jim  Hood,  CEO,  Generation  S.O.S.

If you would like to donate, please send a check made payable as below, or with Venmo @GenerationSOS, or with the Donate button.

Generation  S.O.S.

33 Soundview Drive

Westport, CT 06880

Generation S.O.S. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.


Key Initiatives


Nationwide Chapters

Launch new chapters of Generation S.O.S. in cities across the country -- one more in 2020, three in 2021, and five in 2022.  We are deeply committed to taking the hope, optimism, and peer support of Generation S.O.S. all across America -- making Generation S.O.S. a truly intersectional organization -- as this crisis impacts everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.  We will also continue to expand our online presence so that youth everywhere can experience the transformation impact of being part of Generation S.O.S.

School Club Program

Generation S.O.S. members have created clubs in many high schools in New York City and Miami, and will soon be starting school clubs in the Los Angeles area.  In the year ahead we will be creating a turn-key program of videos, helpful resources, and the like for these Generation S.O.S ambassadors to use as  content for their clubs meetings 

Social Media Outreach

Build a massive social media presence - using athletes, musicians, and other influencers - to invite and encourage youth from all over the country to join the movement. 

Expert Video

Work with a highly-acclaimed  M.D. and addiction expert (already on our team) to produce a video that explains to youth in an authentic, relatable way how substance use can turn into misuse, addiction, overdose, and death. 

Community Awareness Events

Building upon three years of success in New York -- and now Miami and Los Angeles -- develop templates for events that generate awareness, raise funding, and grow the movement in communities all across the country.

Help Our Cause

Your generous support will help us empower America's youth -- our children -- to prevent addiction and overdose.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Board of Directors

Robin Kiam Aviv -- Board Chair

Lorinda Ash

Jay Brubaker

Wendy Greenberg

Jim Hood

Courtney Levi

Jason Mack

Dr. Luis Pacheco, MD

Darlene Perez

Nancy Steir

Debra Teramo

Liora Yalof

Advisory Board

Dave Brubaker

Alexandra Hahn

Julie Inglis

Debby Karol

Audrey Kaplan

Simone Levinson

Paul Revson

Liz Rosen

Kerri Topping

Jennifer Heller Wold

Core Support Team

Jim Hood — CEO

Robin Kiam Aviv

Kevin Lyman

Scotty Westgaard

Stay in Touch

Sign up to hear from us if you would like to join our team at Generation S.O.S. If you would like to contact us directly, please email: Info@GenerationSOS.org