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Where teens share stories about mental health struggles, social pressures, and substance use without stigma or shame. They learn coping skills, how to help a friend in trouble, and to get help if they’re struggling.

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I developed an eating disorder in 9th grade.


I hit an emotional bottom.


I was the favorite pledge.


From my first drink, I had to lie about it.


I started drinking when I was 11.


I have survivor's guilt.

About us

It's My Son, Your daughter, or Their Best Friend

We had one thing in common — we all knew someone who was struggling with addiction and overdosed. We were terrified we could be next.

Generation S.O.S. was born several years ago in New York City. Six high school students died of accidental overdoses within a few weeks. The schools’ lack of response was shocking, a sad example of the shame and stigma surrounding addiction and overdose.

A group of high school students met to talk honestly about the drug epidemic that was devastating their world. They urgently needed help navigating this crisis. Society had failed them, so they turned to each other and started the conversation.

Our impact

The Power to Change Lives

I found Generation S.O.S. through a friend and wished it existed when I was younger. It might have spared me the years of pain and suffering.

Generation S.O.S. invites a young adult speaker to share his or her addiction and recovery story at our meetings. Their stories are raw; their anxiety and loneliness familiar. Addiction has damaged everything in this young life. Yet, each speaker’s story is one of courage and hope.

Their message is simple and powerful: “We all feel anxious and isolated from time-to-time. Talk to a friend, get help if you’re struggling. But don’t make the same mistake I did.”

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Generation S.O.S. has given me a support system I never had. We are all facing the same challenges, but we’re talking about it, and I don’t feel so alone.

People often ask if substance misuse/addiction is a big problem in our country. The answer is, emphatically, yes.

One in every seven people will experience a substance use disorder in his or her lifetime. And someone — usually a young adult — dies from addiction/overdose every four minutes in our country.

The only way to turn the tide on this crisis is through greater awareness and more effective prevention efforts. Generation S.O.S.’s goal is to empower a movement of youth who will support and educate each other.

It’s so much easier to build strong adolescents than to repair broken adults

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