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You Are Not Alone

There are millions of stories of families affected by substance misuse, addiction, and overdose.

Story sharing will always be at the core of our mission because everyone, directly or indirectly, knows someone impacted by substance misuse or overdose. In truth, everyone has a story to tell, but so many stories stay hidden due to the crippling stigma and shame that surround this issue.

Sharing these stories can be incredibly cathartic, even hopeful. For many, it is the end of a painful journey of isolation and the beginning of being part of a community of healing and support.

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The Million Stories Map

We invite young adults and parents from all around the country to create short stories (like those above) of how substance use, misuse, addiction, or overdose has touched their lives. We’re not looking for works of art, just authentic stories from people whose lives have been touched by this issue.

For teens and young adults, create a short video on your mobile phone, post to your Instagram tagging @generationsos and share it with us.

For parents, create a short video or a few paragraphs and share it with us.

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